Why Do I Have To Register?

As part of a license agreement between Resolution Copper and Queen Creek Coalition all climbers must register before climbing on Resolution land which includes The Pond, Atlantis and the Mine Area.  This registration process was first agreed to between Resolution and the Access Fund in 2006 but was never implemented.  Climbing in these areas without registering will be considered trespassing.  QCC agreed to implement the registration process when taking over the license from the Access Fund.  Resolution will randomly check to make sure climbers are registered.

Registration is easy.  Click on the “Register to Climb” button on QueenCreekClimbing.com.  Enter your name and zip code.  You will receive an email that you will print out and carry it with you when climbing on Resolution property.  By registering you are not joining or sanctioning any QCC or Resolution Copper activity.  You are registering to climb on private property – period.